Darkest Dungeon

I was very honoured and lucky to be invited to contribute narrative content to the indie mega-hit Darkest Dungeon. After a lengthy discussion of the hero archetypes and personalities, some of which I was granted leave to propose and develop, I was given immense license to craft and write each hero’s dialogue. Players of the game will know this means I wrote the heroes’ responses to afflictions, virtues, and other unique and awesome game systems.

It was a huge amount of fun to work on this game and I couldn’t be more pleased with its reception. Moreover, I was immensely gratified to see that reviewers heaped praise on the heroes’ personalities and dialogue. For example:

“The first one to lose his mind is the plague doctor. His crow-faced mask wobbles as his sanity snaps, and he starts to pour abuse on his comrades. As the party fights unholy monsters in the crypts beneath a swamp, the chaos and his shouting break the rest. An armored paladin falls dead from a heart attack. Another chokes on a cloud of spores thrown by a monstrous, sentient fungus. The mad plague doctor runs alone out of the dark. He’s sent to the sanitarium. Like all veterans of bloody conflict, he’ll never be the person he was before.”

Ian Birnbaum, PC Gamer

“Those who have sunken deep into trauma will start to drag their comrades into the abyss with them. Characters can start mumbling incoherently, pray out loud for death, start hurling abuse at each other and even become masochistic by harming themselves or refusing critical healing spells. Naturally, this will start to affect the rest of their party, who will charge much quicker towards breaking point. The adventurers are held together by a slender thread; it’s like trying to manage a house of cards – pull one out and the whole structure will come tumbling down.”

Nick Cowen, Trusted Reviews