A while back, I met an artist named Martin Deschambault. He’s working on a massive personal project called Project 77, a series of concept art images depicting a sci-fi, space-opera universe of his own devising. We got talking about it and I’ve ended up contributing a lot of narrative material to accompany and develop the work. Check out each of his works here.

My main contribution has been in the form of “excerpts” from an imaginary novel set in the story world that I created for him. These are just short stories that each use one of his pieces as the key inspiration. Please read a few of them here.  Additionally, I created detailed summaries of various megacorporations, family trees, individual characters, planetary systems, and other narrative elements. It’s got a “Game of Thrones” in space vibe, and would probably make a killer novel series.

One day, Artstation decided to publish an art book about Project 77. My stories were included in the book, which you can now buy on Amazon and Amazon.ca. The reviews for the book have been astronomical.