Deus Ex:Mankind Divided

I was a senior writer on the game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I contributed lore development, story design, interactive dialogue, AI combat dialogue design, and cinematic scripts to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

I was originally assigned to be a general senior writer but was eventually put in charge of a team of three writers who focused on designing and writing all the AI-driven dialogue. In that capacity, I designed a number of in-game AI events that triggered dialogue specifically meant to make combatants feel more real and possessed of personality. Overall, I supervised and took part in writing 80 000 lines of game dialogue.

My favourite task by far was researching Adam’s augmentations and cybernetic doo-dads. I was asked to make all his upgrades (no matter how gamey or difficult to justify) as real-world as possible. This required a massive amount of research into futuretech, advanced materials, anatomy, cutting-edge weaponry, and computer science. I even liaised with a human implants scientist, who vetted all my work. This was science-fiction game-writing in the extreme.

It was a pretty sweet gig.