Voyage of the Drakkar is a story-based mod I made for the Bioware game Neverwinter Nights. The intention of the mod was to prove that I had the chops to write video games. In the end, a couple companies offered me a job. So I guess it worked alright.

The story is about a war between Ireland and Scandinavia in the age of Vikings. It is partially based on a real-life war that occurred in the year 875. You play an Irish rebel who stows away aboard a Viking warship that is bound for Ireland. Your intention is to stay hidden until you reach your homeland where you can join the war effort. Unfortunately, you are caught by the ship’s captain and offered a choice: make yourself useful aboard the vessel or suffer a torturous death by keelhauling.

If you want to play the mod, email me and I’ll send it to you. You’ll need to buy and download Neverwinter Nights at It’s usually $10 or less. Just put the mod in the modules folder, start a new game, and choose the mod from the “other modules” list.

Check out this adventure map I made to track all the variables and scripting required to make the story work.

These are some pictures of the mod in action: