I’ve worked for many people and companies over the years. Here’s what they have to say.

MATT ARMSTRONG Design Director @ Radical Entertainment

Jeffrey ranks as one of the very best hires we made during my six and a half years at Radical. He’s one of those rare individuals that can be recommended without any hesitation, reservation or caveat.

Jeffrey’s understanding and love of narrative, dialogue and the craft of story writing shines through at every step, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what he brings to the table. Jeffrey is an approachable and collaborative writer with an incredible work ethic. He actively pursues feedback from all available sources and has a passionate dedication to achieving quality results.

Many writers in the games industry seem to feel that their role begins and ends with the writing of plot, scenes and dialogue. Jeffrey is different. Jeffrey owns the process, working closely with designers, artists, animators, actors and project managers to ensure that his vision is being executed to the right balance of quality versus schedule. Beyond this, he actively reviews the game over and over to ensure that the implementation and integration of narrative is hitting the right marks. In short, he owns the process with a strong eye for quality all the way from conception to completion.

Finally, Jeffrey has been extremely active in educating wide cross-sections of the team on how to approach narrative and has been a strong advocate for improvements to workflow and pipeline.

All in all, Jeffrey is an uniquely talented, enthusiastic and driven contributor with a strongly collaborative approach to his craft who would be an enormous benefit to any team or studio. He has my highest possible recommendation.

GEOFF COATES Art Director @ Capcom Vancouver

Jeff joined Capcom on Dead Rising 4, well into production, and had to retrofit a story on what is, basically, a pretty silly, over the top game. Because of his work ethic, he was able to write, from scratch, a surprisingly nuanced, thoughtful story that enhanced the gameplay and helped frame the progression well. The writing ended up being consistently praised in the game’s reviews. I was amazed at what he was able to pull off. Later, I was able to work with Jeff and a few other really talented people on an original IP. Jeff carried a huge load on that effort, and developed a really engaging, entertaining story that we could build a game around.

His powerpoint presentations are the stuff of legend. He can tell you the story he’s written, and I promise you’ll come out of the meeting with a crystal clear picture of what the game can be.

I’d work with Jeff again in a heartbeat, and I can’t recommend him enough. He’ll make your game better.

PAUL O’CONNOR, Executive Producer @ Capcom Vancouver

Jeff and I spent a year together building an original console game IP for Capcom. Jeff was one of my core guys — along with a designer and an art director — in putting the property together. With so few people we had to wear a lot of hats, and Jeff’s contribution far exceeded that of a “mere writer.” Jeff was a game developer.

He embedded himself in the game design and visual design processes and as much as any single person was the father of that weird, wonderful, doomed game. Fantastic co-creator. I was particularly impressed that Jeff wanted most of all to be a writer FOR GAMES. He wasn’t a slumming screenwriter or novelist — games were his thing, they were his passion. Jeff combined an encyclopedic knowledge of games with a relentless work ethic and high quality writing skills to form a pretty perfect package. He’s a unicorn with a blood-dripping horn!

He has also thought deeply on the process of crafting narrative for games and developed a strong checklist of do’s and don’ts for how story and game intersect. Give him a couple dozen hours and he will walk you through it!

I loved working with Jeff and would do it again without hesitation.

JOHN HOWARD Principal Designer @ Radical Entertainment

Jeff was a critical hire for Radical and filled a long-standing void as an expert and strong advocate for story, character and drama. From his first day, Jeff had the conviction to forcefully, but respectfully, voice unpopular opinions. And that conviction was always backed up by a desire to work collaboratively to find solutions that balance the needs and goals of game play, story and production.

In my experience, Jeff is the rare writer in video games who cares as much about game play and setting as he does about story. I enjoyed collaborating with Jeff immensely and look forward to any opportunity to do so again in the future.

DEVON BLANCHET  Design Director @ Propaganda Games

Jeff has been a vital part of our success within the design team. Jeff has worked hard and earned himself a fulltime position, taken the reins of writing leadership and fought passionately for story. He is passionate about his craft and it shows in the work he creates – he loves to be a writer.

He is never shy to put himself and his work out there and because of that he is able to iterate and polish his work to a higher level. He is also willing to accept differences of opinion and make changes against his own wishes; Jeff is professional enough to integrate those opinions into his vision and evangelize it going forward.